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Do you have a backup plan?

Aug - 27 - 2015

If your computer was to crash the second after you read this article, would you be confident that you could recover all your data from the hard drive?  Would you be able to restore Windows back to normal within a few hours instead of a few days?  If the answer is no, then you need a Computer Backup plan.  Having no backup of your data is like driving with no seat belt.  It is just not safe!

Before I started fixing computers, I had no backup plan.  I didn’t even know what a backup was!  This was before Dropbox and the “cloud”.  This was also when digital cameras were the big thing.  I stored everything on my computer.  All my documents, pictures, music, movies, everything!  And then my hard drive crashed, bit the dust, died.  I could not recover anything off of it.  I had lost priceless pictures of my kids first days of school to Christmas.  It was gut wrenching.  With my next computer, I made sure I had a backup plan.

More than 60 million computers will fail worldwide in 2013. Only 1 in 4 people back up their information regularly – that’s roughly 45 million times this year where files will be lost forever. Even worse – 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States alone. That’s hundreds of photos, conversations, calendars and more, gone in an instant.  It’s important to be ready.  We’ll help you to devise a plan to store your precious memories and information in a safe location. Because there’s nothing worse than losing something important to you.

computer backupArizona Computer Techs can make sure you have a backup plan in place with our Computer Backup package.  We feel you should absolutely backup your data everyday.  By data, we mean your documents, pictures, music, spreadsheets, and so on.  You also want to consider backing up your computer system – Windows and all your programs/applications.  If something were to happen to render Windows unusable, you can always go through the long process of re-installing your the operating system, personalizing the settings, and re-installing all of your programs.  But with a system backup, we can simply restore your system in much less time and with much less effort.

Simple rule: Never have one copy of anything.

Local Backup vs. Online Backup and why you need both!

Local external drive backups are great for quick recovery when you’ve accidentally deleted a file, or if your computer’s internal hard drive crashes. But what if your house burns down or gets burglarized-including your backup drive?  Hurricane Katrina victims can tell you that no matter how diligently you back up your computer to a local hard drive, you will still lose your photos, documents, and other important files if you don’t keep a copy off-site, preferably out of state.  An example is to keep an extra hard drive with a copy of your important files at the office or at your mom’s house in case of theft or fire.  I’ve even heard of keeping your backup in a safety deposit box.  Let us setup a local backup AND an online backup solution for you today!

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