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Prevent Malware with these 10 Tips

In order to prevent Malware on your computer, start the New Year off right and follow these 10 Tips below.  Most of us have had to deal with a computer virus or some sort of malware by now. It is not fun.  It is annoying, time consuming, and very frustrating. But since my Grandpa doesn’t follow these tips, he continues to be my best client! When our computers start slowing down or  [ Read More ]

Quick Helpful Internet Safety Tips

Here are a couple of bullet points to keep you safe on the internet!  We want you to enjoy the internet with greater confidence, knowing that you’ve taken the right steps to safeguard yourself and your computer.  Check out the list below: Stop. Think. Connect.  Before you use the internet , take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems. Don’t store sensitive unencrypted information on  [ Read More ]

How to protect your

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Cybersecurity Traini

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What is Two-Factor A

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Email Security Tips

I just passed the CompTIA Security+ exam and let me ...

What is Phishing and

What is phishing? Phishing scams are typically fraudulent email messages appearing ...



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